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Wage protection program requires employers to issue prepaid debit cards for domestic workers upon their arrival to Kingdom: MLSD

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
"العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية": برنامج حماية الأجور للعمالة المنزلية يُلزم صاحب العمل بإصدار بطاقة مسبقة الدفع لرواتب العمالة المنزلية فور قدومها للمملكة


The Ministry of Labor and Social Development urged on Wednesday employers (individuals) to issue prepaid debit cards for male and female domestic workers once they arrive to the Kingdom, which is as part of the Wage Protection Program for Domestic Workers.


Spokesman of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development Khaled Abalkhail said the employer should contact his bank to provide prepaid debit cards for the domestic worker and then log into the Musaned portal ( to create e-employment contract, define monthly wage and receive a copy of the contract after verification.

Abalkhail added the program comes within the ministry’s keenness to protect rights of all involved parties, electronically verify employment contracts and issue prepaid debit cards to allow domestic workers to withdraw their wages from their bank accounts.


The spokesman stressed the program includes all domestic workers in the Kingdom, and it will be completely enforced in the upcoming phases.


Since the launch of the program, the ministry has granted the six-month deadline to allow the employers (individuals) to issue prepaid debit cards for their domestic workers to ensure their wages are paid, said Abalkhail.


The spokesman pointed out the program aims to protect rights of all involved parties, improve the work environment for domestic workers, raise level of job security for them and enhance principles of human rights in the Kingdom, adding the service for contract verification will be available via the Musaned website ( and its app on smart phones.


He recalled on licensed recruitment offices and companies to educate both customers and domestic workers with their rights and their obligations stemming from the contractual relationship between them.


Both labor parties can report violations and submit complaints through the ministry’s official channels or the customer service No. (19911).

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