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More than two million domestic labour recruitment contracts from 33 countries through Musaned by 2023

Publication date: 06 May 2024 - 27 Shawwal 1445
الشعار انجليزي

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development continued its developmental steps in improving the domestic labour recruitment sector, through the “Musaned” platform, which provides integrated services for the domestic labour sector and defines the rights and duties of the worker and beneficiary, procedures and mechanisms under one umbrella through companies and recruitment offices licensed to carry out this activity, to facilitate the procedures for recruiting domestic workers.

Over the past years, the Ministry has achieved outstanding achievements in the recruitment sector for the year 2023, and the total number of recruitment contracts made through the Musaned platform has reached more than two million contracts, in a proactive step that strengthens the platform's position internationally, as new countries have been added to the list of countries available for the recruitment of domestic workers, namely: Ethiopia, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Gambia. The number of countries available for the recruitment of female domestic labour has reached 33 countries, providing many different options for beneficiaries.

Reduce Costs:

In an effort to review the costs, services provided and regulations in accordance with economic changes, the platform has reduced the upper ceiling of domestic labour recruitment prices in 2023 for a number of countries, namely: Philippines: SR 14,700, Uganda SR 8,300, Kenya SR 9,000, Sri Lanka SR 13,800, Bangladesh SR 11,750 and Ethiopia SR 5900. By increasing the competition between service providers, the end user can search for the lowest cost and the highest service quality and satisfaction rating through the platform.

Protecting the rights of both parties to the contractual relationship:

As part of the Ministry's keenness through the Musaned platform to preserve and care for the rights of all concerned parties involved in the recruitment process, the Ministry has made available, among the services provided, the service of documenting contracts by creating a unified electronic contract on the Musaned platform, which increases and strengthens the protection of the rights of domestic workers and beneficiaries, and as a reflection of the confidence of beneficiaries and recruitment offices in the platform's services, the platform has registered more than a thousand companies and recruitment offices accredited from different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to its keenness on the flexibility of transfer operations, facilitating procedures and preserving rights for all parties The platform signed a number of agreements with “STCPay”, “Enjaz”, “UrPay”, “Alinma” and “Mobily Pay”, aiming to provide beneficiaries with multiple options for remittances related to domestic labour, in addition to the official payment channel options.

Domestic Labour Contract Insurance Service:

The insurance service for domestic labour contracts contributed to reducing the risks that may arise during the contract period, ensuring the protection of the parties to the contractual relationship, as insurance services were utilized on all recruitment contracts for more than 200,000 insurance policies during 2023.

Labour transfer services:

 Earlier, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the availability of the service of transferring the service of a worker from one beneficiary to another beneficiary after the consent of the worker through the Musaned platform as part of its ongoing work to develop the domestic labour sector. It has also contributed to increasing the monitoring of the compliance of transfer costs from one beneficiary to another, with more than 60,000 beneficiaries benefiting from the service.

“Maarofa” Service:

Among the features and services that the Ministry added through the Musaned platform last year is the activation of the “Maarofa” service, which allows the beneficiary to recruit a previously known worker at reduced costs.

Achieving a high beneficiary satisfaction rate:

Although the Musaned platform achieved 92% satisfaction levels, it continues to improve its services and develop the journey of the worker and the beneficiary alike by meeting the diverse needs of customers and developing the electronic services that the Ministry targets within its strategic plans for the coming years.



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