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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development achieves the level of “advanced” in evaluating performance management practices in government agencies

Publication date: 25 September 2023 - 10 Rabi' al-awwal 1445
الشعار انجليزي

The Ministry of HRSD achieved the “advanced” level in the evaluation of performance management practices in government agencies issued by the National Center of Performance Measurement (Adaa) for the year 2022 AD, in all aspects related to the evaluation, which are: “strategy management, performance management, Initiative management, change management, performance culture, and beneficiary experience management”. The Ministry also has obtained an advanced ranking and an above-average evaluation level within the first category, which includes (the best 4 entities) in the measurement cycle. The Ministry’s achievement of the “advanced” level was due to its excellence and the work to develop an integrated strategy after the structuring of the Ministry as well as setting a framework for implementing the strategy and ensuring its success, in addition to its work in the past to complete the review in line with current changes and providing the necessary capabilities at the level of the Ministry’s various sectors. The role of “Adaa” Center is to evaluate the maturity of public agencies and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in performance management and measurement, intending to work on continuous improvement procedures in the five aforementioned areas. The Ministry has been keen to use the best international practices in these areas in addition to applying the methodology for continuous improvement.

The Ministry of HRSD seeks to achieve the best international practices in the areas targeted by the evaluation and to apply a continuous improvement methodology to all its sectors.

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