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The launch of the Professional Examination Program in the Republic of Sri Lanka aiming to ensure the quality of professional labor in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Publication date: 25 July 2023 - 07 Muharram 1445
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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced the activation of the "Professional Examination" program in the Republic of Sri Lanka for five professional specializations, which are plumbing, electricity, automotive electricity, automotive mechanics, and refrigeration and air conditioning, out of 23 targeted specializations by the Ministry. This comes as part of the Ministry's plan to implement the program in several countries through its international track, after it was initially launched in "Islamic Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh" in the past months.

The program aims to verify the skills of workers in 23 targeted specializations identified by the Ministry. It aims to enhance the quality of professional work, elevate the level of professional services provided, boost productivity, and prevent the influx of unqualified professional labor into the labor market in the Kingdom.

The journey of a professional worker to obtain the Professional Examination Certificate starts with registering on the Professional Examination Portal. Then, they schedule an appointment for the theoretical and practical tests. Their information is verified by the examiners at the center before taking the examination. Once they successfully pass the evaluation stage, the certificate is issued to them. It is important to note that the Professional Examination Certificate is treated as an additional requirement for the professional worker during the recruitment process.

Indeed, it is worth mentioning that the Professional Examination Program is one of the programs under the "Professional Accreditation System" aimed at regulating the labor market and improving the quality of the workforce in the Kingdom, in line with the Labor Market Strategy.


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