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To ensure effective training for national human cadres in private sector establishments, the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development issues a resolution obliging establishments with 50 or more employees to disclose their training data annually

Publication date: 25 September 2023 - 10 Rabi' al-awwal 1445
معالي الوزير

His Excellency the Minister of HRSD, Eng. Ahmed bin Suleiman Al Rajhi issued a ministerial resolution to oblige establishments with 50 or more employees to disclose their training data annually via Qiwa platform. The resolution aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of training programs of private sector establishments to contribute to the enhancement of their employees' capabilities and efficiency and the sustainability of opportunities for development and growth. By the resolution, the Ministry seeks to provide clear indicators of training data at the national level and improve the performance and productivity of the manpower. In addition, the purpose of the national program is to stimulate the private sector in training employees and equip them with the required skills in the labor market. The resolution stipulated that, at the end of the current year, establishments employing 50 employees or more shall disclose data and training activities including the number of training hours and related data, as well as the number of trainees who have completed training in the categories of: "Employees, students, graduates, and job seekers". The duration of the disclosed training shall not be less than eight units per trainee per year. These establishments shall also disclose their training plans, data, and reports on the training activity, the number of trainees, and the total budget to be committed to next year. The Ministry confirmed that this resolution will contribute to an accurate analytical reading of training indicators in the labor market. In accordance with such indicators, the Ministry will be in partnership with the private sector, to develop the necessary incentives and appropriate policies to improve the quality and efficiency of training programs for employees. On its website, the Ministry issued a procedural guide, clarifying to employers and establishments the disclosure mechanism, training requirements, and penalties stipulated for establishments that violate the resolution. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of HRSD seeks to improve the knowledge, skills, and training level of the manpower, to enhance its stability and productivity in the labor market.

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