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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development ranks second among government entities in the Local Content Award.

Publication date: 25 March 2024 - 15 Ramadan 1445

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development placed second in the path of excellence in local content for the highest spending entities for the axis of government agencies, as awarded by the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, and the ministry's victory stemmed from its application of excellence standards in compliance with local content requirements.

The Local Content Award, now in its second edition, aims to encourage the public and private sectors, as well as target groups, to develop local content and increase compliance rates with its requirements by providing clear evaluation mechanisms for participants, contributing to the development of a strong and sustainable economy, and enhancing national purchasing power.

His Excellency the Assistant Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for the Shared Services Sector, Mr. Ismail bin Saeed Al-Ghamdi, said on this occasion that the ministry, in cooperation with the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, has raised the rates of compliance with the ministry's local content requirements. He added that the team of the Local Content Development Committee at the Ministry worked on activating several tracks, implementing many initiatives, holding workshops and awareness messages to develop local content internally and externally.

Al-Ghamdi stated that the ministry's ongoing efforts to promote and develop local content resulted in third place last year and second place this year, demonstrating the ministry's permanent and continuous commitment to achieving the desired goals and continuing to work hard in the future.

The Ministry's participation in 2023 included nine tracks: periodic operations, industry localization and knowledge transfer, economic participation, data, policies and strategies, privatization projects, support and empowerment, target development, and delegation.

The Local Content Award is a significant initiative that serves as a driving force behind the enrichment of local content in the Kingdom for both the public and private sectors. Its objective is to improve competitors' performance and increase participation in contract and project implementation, ultimately strengthening local capabilities and optimizing the impact of national purchasing power.


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