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The leadership gives undivided attention to human resources as part of development: Al-Ghafis speaks at SABIC HR Forum

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
د.الغفيص متحدثا في منتدى "سابك الأول للموارد البشرية": حكومة خادم الحرمين أولت أهمية بالغة لتنمية الموارد البشرية وهي محور التنمية في كل مجتمع

H.E. Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr. Ali bin Nasser al-Ghafis emphasized on Saturday the human capital is the focal point of development in every society and requires undivided attention to achieve success and prosperity.

Al-Ghafis said the Saudi Vision 2030 seeks to develop the Saudi economy in various sectors including human resources development, which receives direct support from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince- May Allah protect them- due to its high importance.

The minister of labor and social development delivered his opening speech at the inauguration of 1st edition of SABIC HR Forum, which is under the title of ‘Transforming HR: Enabling Saudi Vision 2030’.

The minister said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ government gives undivided attention to human resources as Kingdom spends more money on education more than most member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development do,

Seven percent of the government budget goes to expenditure on education and training for post-secondary phase, al-Ghafis highlighted.

As speaking to the participants, the minister pointed out the generous expenditure requires us to exert more effort to move forward human resources development, leave positive effect on growth rates as per the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

The vision aims to achieve development of advanced digital economy supported by innovation which contributes greatly to the Saudi economy, support national pioneering companies in specific fields and enhance their leading place at regional and global levels, support promising local companies and help them reach their full potentials in order to be regionally and internationally-recognized leading companies, al-Ghafis added.

It offers full-fledged support for those who achieve excellency at the academic level through expediting career pathways, assuming leadership roles, supporting innovative and leading initiatives, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as increasing contribution of SME to the economy and empowering the non-profit organizations to achieve utmost effect (obtaining financing, talents and knowledge).

He continued the human resources is the most important treasure and each institution should work to achieve utmost level of satisfaction for employees, seeking excellency in performance and increasing productivity at workplace through instilling cooperation and teamwork.

He added the Kingdom adopts procedural steps as per the National Transformation Program 2020 aiming to develop quality assurance and accreditation of vocational and technical education, equip Saudi nationals with skills and knowledge that are in harmony with the future needs of labor market, strive to generate decent work for Saudi nationals and develop and benefit from skills of the youth along with empowering women and investing in their potentials.

To achieve the goals of NTP, the minister clarified in his keynote speech that the ministry launched a number of initiatives aiming to recruit Saudi citizens including updating Nitaqat objectives, launching sector correction campaigns, creating initiatives, such as freelance work, part-time job, remote work, re-design portfolio of human resources development that enhances employment growth in the private sector, transportation program ‘Wusool’ and children hospitality ‘Qurrah’, along with issuing new regulations for home-based babysitters at workplace.

Al-Ghafis pointed out such initiatives alongside policies and other initiatives that the ministry and other government entities launch will empower Saudi nationals to obtain decent job opportunities and achieve the ambitious plan of NTP and Saudi vision 2030.

The conducting of forum comes as part of shared objectives of the comprehensive economy as it manifests a perfect opportunity for sharing advice, expertise and knowledge in the field of human resources development with the aim of developing and improving the additional editions of forum, the minister said as well.

He hoped the expected recommendations of forum will come into reality, as well as constitute cornerstones for building a stronger economy as per Saudi Vision 2030.

In his closing speech, the minister commended SABIC efforts to transfer global experiences in human resources development in the Kingdom, as well as haling its experience in enhancing HR as a role model.

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