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‘iFsah’ e-platform ensures utmost transparency of NPO: MLSD says

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
"العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية": منصة "إفصاح" تدعم تحقيق أعلى مستويات الشفافية للجمعيات الأهلية

Dr. Salem Al-Dini, deputy minister for social development sector at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, said the ‘ifsah’ e-platform (disclosure) that allows society members and concerned parties to review the basic data, financial and demographic information for charitable entities, in order to ensure utmost levels of transparency.

H.E. Minister of Labor and Social Development previously initiated the electronic platform, which is the approved tool to make the charitable entities disclose their data.

Dr. Al-Dini said the ‘ifsah’ e-platform aims to increase transparency and accountability of the nonprofit organizations through displaying their information for the public, constantly providing trustful and correct data and monitoring their growth and expansion as a result of various needs of the Kingdom’s regions.

The launching of e-platform comes within the ministry’s initiative named ‘governance of NPOs and building worker capabilities, in order to achieve higher levels of financial security and accountability at these organizations. It also goes hand in hand with the initiative aiming to train the workforce and generate job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

Additionally, the initiative strives to resolve the current challenges that face the sector in general and charitable entities in particular including ambiguity of governance framework, need of developing supervision mechanisms for NPOs and lack of professionals who occupy important positions in the sector.

Dr. Al-Dini pointed out that the e-platform ( defines investment fields in the non-profit sector and formulate partnership between the private sector and philanthropic organizations. It also ensures donations and grants are rightly distributed to the charitable entities and enables experts and specialists to conduct fact-based studies, added Dr. Al-Dini.

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