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Entry into Force of "Optics Sector Saudization Resolution" in KSA

Publication date: 27 March 2023 - 05 Ramadan 1444
خبر البصريات

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) announced the start of implementing "Optics Sector Saudization Resolution" in all KSA regions, as of 26/08/1444 AH corresponding to 18/03/2023, after the end of the grace period specified for Optics Sector Saudization Resolution, as comes as a continuation of HRSD efforts aimed at providing a stimulating and productive work environment for male and female citizens, increasing their level of participation in the labor market, and enhancing their contribution to the economic ecosystem.

Optics Sector Saudization Resolution includes Saudization of two professions by 50%, namely:  "Medical Optometrist" and "Optical Technician" and applies to all private sector establishments operating in the labor market that employ 4 or more workers in the optics sector whose names are specified in the targeted occupations table.

HRSD confirmed that it will provide a package of incentives and support related to supporting private sector establishments to help them employ Saudis, including  supporting process of recruitment and searching for suitable workers, supporting necessary training and qualification process, assisting the process of employment and job stability for Saudis, in addition to the priority of benefiting from all Saudization support programs available in the system, in addition to support and employment programs through Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in order to organize, develop and raise efficiency of Saudi labor market to increase participation of male and female citizens in the private sector, provide more quality job opportunities, and achieve job stability.

HRSD issued "Instruction Manual" explaining details of resolution and mechanism for its implementation. Further, HRSD stressed the need for facilities to adhere to and abide by implementation of provisions of this resolution, in order to avoid statutory penalties that will be enforced against violators.

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