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The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development launches the 'Distinguished Program' to prepare and train recent graduates before joining the ministry's positions

Publication date: 18 December 2023 - 05 Jumada al-thani 1445

His Excellency, the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Engineer Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, today launched the 'Worthy Program.' The program aims to prepare and train outstanding recent graduates before they join the ministry's designated positions, with the goal of imparting the knowledge and practical experience necessary in the work environment.

During his speech at the ceremony, His Excellency emphasized that the 'Worthy Program' is part of the ministry's strategic efforts to qualify and train human resources, reflecting the wise leadership's direction to enhance job performance, strengthen employees' capabilities, and empower them to compete globally to achieve the goals of Vision 2030. He noted that the ministry has implemented over 80 training programs for its employees and leaders during the current year 2023, with the aim of enhancing their efficiency and capabilities, based on five key performance indicators.

Minister Al-Rajhi explained that the current efforts of the ministry focus on achieving four future strategic directions for the development and management of human capital. These include investing in the training and development of employees' capabilities, leveraging the ministry's competencies to fulfill job needs instead of external recruitment (except for positions requiring specific expertise), raising positive competitiveness among government and semi-government entities, and increasing competitiveness by raising maturity targets in all human resources areas. The aim is for the ministry to become a role model for other government entities. In conclusion, His Excellency congratulated the trainees for joining the 'Worthy Program' for the qualification of outstanding individuals, praising the contribution of national cadres to comprehensive national development. The CEO of Integration Company, Dr. Ahmed Yamani, also delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the 'Worthy Program' in developing the skills of recent graduates, mentioning that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the ministry to operate the program.

Ms. Andrea Salvemini, representing the University of Berkeley, one of the program's partners, delivered a speech commending the ministry's efforts in qualifying and training graduates. She affirmed that the university would contribute to the 'Worthy Program' through a systematic training plan in various fields.

At the end of the ceremony, commemorative photos were taken of His Excellency, the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, with the trainees.

The event was attended by His Excellency Assistant Minister for Shared Services, Mr. Ismael Al-Ghamdi, the Ministry's Undersecretary for Human Resources, Engineer Mohammed Al-Maghlooth, and several officials from the ministry.


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