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Juvenile Care


1-Social Observation Houses

Houses concerned with achieving basis of care and moral and religious guidance, as well as health and education proper care for the juvenile delinquents who are in detention under investigation or trial,  or whom the judge decided to be kept in the house in the age range between twelve and eighteen years, and were arrested by the security authorities because of committing wrongdoings that require discipline and restore the rights of their respective owners, the duration of detention in the observation houses is determined by a decision from the judge as required in the treatment plan, in order to eliminate the negative effects resulting from placing juvenile delinquents with elder prisoners or with previous criminal records, that lead the state - endorsed by Allah – to establish special houses for juvenile delinquents in order to provide treatment and preventive care for them, where the first house of social observation was established in Riyadh on 10/24/1392 AH, and successively other social observation houses were opened.


2- Houses for Social Guidance:

Houses for Social Guidance are concerned with achieving basis of good education, correction, reform and rehabilitation of different categories of potential juvenile delinquents aged between seven and eighteen years, who refuses their parents authority, or homeless due to their bad situations, or at risk of deviation because of family disorders. Such houses depends in their plans on facing deviations by taking preventive measures through early detection of juvenile delinquents who show signs of deviation in accordance with right scientific and educational standards. The preventive measures adopted by the ministry of labor and social affairs do an important role in facing juvenile delinquency working with the method of prevention is better than cure.The preventive programs are concerned with cases of potential juvenile delinquents because of bad family or environmental conditions they have suffered and reflected their effects on them, where the juveniles are isolated from the active factors that may be a major cause of their deviation, these programs provide appropriate care and environment for juveniles who are at risk of delinquency in order to ensure their rehabilitation to be good citizens.


3- Institutions for Girls Caring

Institutions for girls caring are concerned with achieving basis of good care, social correction, and strengthening the religious faith of Saudi girls who have suffered from bad social and psychological circumstances that force them to stumble and deviate from the straight path, and work to achieve health, education and training proper care for the Saudi delinquent girls, who are in detention under investigation or trial, or whom the judge decided be kept in the institution if they are under the age of thirty.



Activities and programs carried out by the social observation houses are not so different from programs presented in the  houses for social guidance, but the difference between them is to harness those activities in what serving the plans of each house, and what is focused on either preventive or curative or all of them, where activities include the following programs:

  • Cultural and guiding activity.
  • Social activity.
  • Technical and Vocational activity.
  • Sports activity.