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Innovating investing packets & prototypes of a of a social impact implemented through a non-profit entity

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
ابتكار حزم ونماذج استثمارية ذات أثر اجتماعي تنفذ  من خلال كيان غير ربحي

This initiative aims to create the organizational frame works and facilitations to attract the capital from the private sector and the Non-profit sector to increase the charity capital which contributes in increasing the gross domestic product and the Non-oil domestic product and obtaining a higher added value .This initiative also supports providing the social investment for the charity organizations , social organizations in order to enable them to find the relevant refundable financing (funds) to meet the capital requirements pertaining to those organizations, increase the positive impact on the whole community in accordance with the communities' needs and priorities . To achieve all that has been stated above a Non-profit entity will be established to be responsible for the social investment and to perform many tasks. The floated investments (and according to their nature) target financing the grossroot societies in K.S.A .Those grossroot societies will benefit from those investments in implementing innovated social programs immitating the social cases in K.S.A where these implemented projects will result in financial returns which enable those socities to settle their financial committments for the financers and investors (according to the financing method), achieving the financial sustainability of in the mid and long run.This initiative ,and in its its preliminary form ,targets launching 7 investments in the social work within each year with possibility to increase the number of these investments upon studying the developmental requirements in addition to preparing specialized products in order to face those requirements in a precise inclusive manner.

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