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Organization & empowerment of developmental social work

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
شعار وزارة الموارد

The MLSD aims to establish associations and specialized grassroot organizations targeting many new fields through variuos aspects including :

  • Education and culture building to direct and familiarize the community with the development fields.
  • Creating a packet of the incentives or motivations to establish qualitative grossroot organizations and associations.
  • Creating and activating new patterns for the social work including the social work groups besides facilitating establishment of mini national grossroot societies to empower the community collaboration.
  • Making a demographic survey and developing an information platform for the Non -profit sector in a way that facilitates the collaboration of the Non-profit sector and promoting its role , impact and requirements from the community.
  • Organizing and activating the coordinating councils' role regarding the societies and institutions.
  • Creating and upgrading the mechanism and measure of supporting the grossroot societies in accordance with the priorities of the national transformation(competitive support).

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