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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Completes Preparations for Participation in Hajj Season 1445 AH.

Publication date: 05 June 2024 - 28 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445
الشعار انجليزي

As part of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's preparations for the Hajj season this year 1445 AH, the Ministry intends to launch several initiatives aimed at serving the Guests of Rahman and providing comprehensive and diverse services to establishments and individuals working during the Hajj season.

His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi, affirmed that the Human Resources and Social Development system, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, is seeking through these initiatives to serve the pilgrims of the Grand Mosque in the holy sites. He pointed out that these initiatives come in accordance with the directives of the wise leadership, may God preserve them, which necessitated providing support and facilitating many services for the Guests of Rahman. 

The Ministry is also participating in the launch of several initiatives, including the "Seasonal Visas" service, which provides an opportunity for individuals and establishments that wish to work seasonally to meet the need during the Hajj season and contribute to serving the Guests of Rahman. The Ministry's supervisory teams also supervise and follow up on Hajj-related activities, ensuring the implementation of the provisions of the regulations for temporary and seasonal business visas, the application of the Labor Law in the holy sites, and the monitoring of domestic pilgrim establishments through field visits to verify their compliance with regulations and instructions.

The Ministry is launching several volunteer tracks to enhance the participation of community members in the available volunteer fields to serve pilgrims in the holy sites and the Grand Mosque, and to facilitate the performance of their rituals. Furthermore, several specialized associations, in coordination with the relevant authorities, provide their services to pilgrims by offering meals, water, and other pilgrim needs such as sun umbrellas and personal supplies in all holy sites.

In cooperation with the Holy Makkah Municipality and the Madinah Municipality, the Ministry is launching an awareness campaign to raise awareness of the psychological, social, economic, and security risks of begging during the Hajj season. The campaign will also inform the public about the penalties specified in the Law in multiple languages to match the diversity of the languages of the Guests of Rahman. The campaign aims to raise awareness of begging and its dangers, clarify the authorized bodies for donations, and provide reporting numbers for cases of begging.

The Ministry also provides the Guests of Rahman with a Children's Guest Centers service through 22 centers in Makkah Al Mukarramah. These centers provide a safe environment for children by offering various activities that suit different age groups and relying on trained and qualified staff. This is to help pilgrims focus on performing their rituals.

The proxy sacrifice service for Eid al-Adha through the donation platform allows the preparation and distribution of Eid al-Adha sacrifices to the needy and deserving on behalf of pilgrims from all over the world. "The Ministry supervises the Distribution of Adahi administration in coordination with the Islamic Bank and civil society organizations to deliver them to their beneficiaries. The Ministry also participates in emergency committees to provide support and assistance through the participation of psychological specialists and social researchers in emergencies.

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