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MLSD deals with 3,799 violation reports via Ma3an lil Rasd app

Publication date: 21 September 2022 - 25 Safar 1444
"العمل والتنمية الاجتماعية" تتعامل مع 3799 بلاغًا عبر تطبيق "معا للرصد".. و1304 بلاغات تقود لضبط مخالفات

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development received 7,737 reports via the Ma3an lil Rasd app that allows customers to report violations relating to the labor regulations, out of which 3,799 were directly handled as the Makkah region was the top region in reporting violations at 1,390.

MLSD spokesman Khaled Abalkhail said the Riyadh came in the second rank at 767, followed by the Eastern region with 598 while the Madinah, Jazan and Asir regions came next to 418 and 222 and 127, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Baha region came in the seventh rank in reporting violations at 86, the Jouf region at 75, Al-Qassim at 35, the Eastern Borders at 25, the Najran at 18 and Hail at 8, added Abalkhail.

The spokesman said a total of 1,156 reports did not lead to issuing violations or warnings, while 1,478 warnings were forwarded to other violating establishments and 1,304 reports helped the inspectors to detect violations.

Reporting violations via the app involves the community in tracking down violators which contributes to the attractiveness of the labor market for local and international investments as per Saudi Vision 2030, he said.

The ministry previously announced that the informant who reported a violation via the Ma3an
lil Rasd app gets 10-percent of the claimed fine as reward, Abalkhail said.

The collective inspection through the use of app is considered a modern method adopted by the MLSD, in bid to enhance communication channels among government entities, Saudi citizens and the private sector. It encourages the customers to bear the responsibility of regulating the labor market and correcting its abnormalities.

It is noteworthy that the ministry launched the app to electronically report those in violation of labor regulations, as part of its initiatives aiming to improve and develop the environment of labor market. It allows everyone to submit any labor violation and give details via the app.

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